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Five minutes (Feb 28/2007)

Why 5 minutes?


Commuting is not a creative act. For most of us, it's simply a way to get from A to B in the most direct way possible.
Look around you as you travel by bus, by car or train....and you'll quickly notice that most of us are simply enduring the ride as we journey in to work from where we live.

In big cities particularly, the journey itself is largely a rushed turbulent affair as the sheer number of individuals from outside (& within) the city converge without formality & make their hurried way into work.

Artists, like everyone else do the same journey, waiting to do their creative work elsewhere as they switch off their private creative impulses during their daily routine.

The genesis of the 5 minutes project was to ask a simple question - WHY IS THIS?

Why can't some (or all) of the time spent during the daily journey into work be reclaimed as a creative space in which to work?



I decided that my picture taking would begin at the moment I left the underground (subway) station nearest to the building where I work and stop at the entrance outside. The journey would take in a major crossroads and 2 side streets, providing plenty of scope for diversity of people and backdrop.

But why 5 minutes?

Because the journey from start to finish takes a maximum of 5 minutes.
5 minutes of my daily life and 5 minutes of the life of the city around me.

This was the beginning of the 5 minutes project.